Establishing a website is a key requirement for many organisations whether to meet commercial, educational or social needs.

If you are looking for a website that is effective and easy to maintain at an affordable price then
brand cafe has solutions that will meet your needs.

brand cafe
web design aims to:
  • provide a friendly, helpful and professional website design service
  • design and build accessible websites
  • design websites that conform to web standards
  • design websites that rank highly in search engines
  • design eye-catching, functional websites that work for your business

Using simple layout and navigation to produce creative solutions that achieve their commercial purpose, I ensure that the structure, feel and functionality of your website captures the personality of your business.

At brand cafe we don’t pretend to be magicians who can conjure up a perfect design without ever speaking to you. But what we claim is that we’re really good listeners, who know how to act on what we hear. We start by taking a ‘brief’. This means talking through with you what it is you do, what it is that you want to communicate, how you want to stand out from your competitors, and what your specific goals are. Once we have a brief, we will use it to create a design that should hit all the right buttons.

Whether you’re a sole trader or a big corporate, you want to make a good impression. Right? Our job is to ensure that your brand is a true reflection of your service or product offering and that all of your communication materials convey your message in that is memorable & appealing.